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American Access Care Manhattan Reviews

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  • I visited the Manhattan office of American Access in August of this year, and I was initially filled with dread about the whole place and procedure. But it turned out to be a wonderful facility, with terrific people on staff. The medical personnel are top-notch and the support personnel are very friendly and efficient. Once you get on the schedule there, things work quickly and expertly. I had a temp cath inserted in my neck/chest area, and it has functioned perfectly for about two months now. While I am looking forward to having it removed very soon, I have to say the whole experience was made easier and less terrifying (I was originally so wary that I canceled my first appointment out of fear) by the good people at American Access. If you're in the unfortunate position of needing access for dialysis or other treatments, I recommend the doctors and technicians here.

    Posted on October 07th, 2019
  • Phenomenal

    Posted on August 07th, 2019
  • Test

    Posted on August 02nd, 2019
  • Posted on January 07th, 2019
  • Love the staff n doctors need more like them enjoy my visit n the tune salad sandwich n cranberry is the go too

    Posted on December 22nd, 2018
  • Posted on December 18th, 2018
  • Vascular surgery is never fun but you can count on Dr. Spinowicz to do the best work medically possible.

    Posted on November 28th, 2018
  • Posted on February 23rd, 2016
  • Posted on December 23rd, 2015
  • Dr Yang is not only an amazing Vascular Surgeon but also a kind & gentle human being. Our positive outcome do to a 95% Carotid Arterywas because of Dr Yang"s expertise.

    Posted on October 30th, 2012
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