Jamison Pearlman

Vice President, Managed Care

Jamison Perlman joined the organization in 2017 as Vice President of Managed Care. Jamie has an extensive healthcare background with over 20 years of managed care contracting experience representing a variety of constituencies including ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, large multi-specialty independent practice associations, diagnostic imaging centers and large commercial insurance companies.

Previously, Jamie served as Vice President of Managed Care for Surgery Partners, where he was responsible for securing payor contracts and developing same store revenue opportunities for affiliated surgery centers and surgical hospitals. His professional provider experience includes leading payor contracting initiatives and managing the credentialing process for the 750+ physician member practice plan affiliated with the University of Texas Health Science Center. Additionally, he has several years of experience with the commercial insurance side of the healthcare industry in the actuarial division of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (HCSC) where he was responsible for administering statewide capitation, modeling hospital rates, and developing with fully integrated delivery networks.

Jamie earned his BS in Political Science from Southern Methodist University. Currently Jamie resides in Nashville, TN with his wife Julie and their two sons.